IMT Nord Europe


The IMT Nord Europe is an engineering school and a research centre composed of five departments, of which the department of Polymer and Composite Technology and Mechanical Engineering (acronym TPCIM), is most closely affiliated with the COMPOSENS project.  The multidisciplinary team of TPCIM is composed of teachers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff.  The department specialises in the processing and moulding of polymers (including bio-based polymers) and composites, as well as characterising the performance of these materials in a variety of applications.  The TPCIM facilities house several polymer processing platforms, covering the relevant industrial processing and moulding techniques (including twin-screw extruders, blow-moulding, multi-component injection and 3D printing among others) as well as high-precision methods of characterisation for polymeric materials.


Rue Charles Bourseul 941
10838 – 59508
Douai – France


+33 (0)3 27 71 22 22

His contribution to the PEPS project focuses mainly on the development and shaping of materials produced by additive manufacturing using the hot wire deposition process or by granules with Arburg's freeformer, their physico-chemical, mechanical and morphological characterization.