Certech is an approved Walloon research center. It supports companies in the chemical sector, particularly in the field of the environment, polymer materials and processes.


The environment and sustainable development are integrated into research and development projects led by the center under industrial partnership.


Rue Jules Bordet
Zone industrielle C
B-7180 Seneffe, Belgique


+32 (0)64 520 211

Certech's skills in the field of materials range from the design of materials (synthesis, blends, formulation ...) to transformation and implementation techniques.

Certech's actions favor a C2C approach and are part of the ``circular economy`` approach.

Although Certech has a wide range of expertise, polymers and composites are the main materials studied for which Certech has most of the classical technologies of implementation as well as the most advanced analytical techniques.

As part of the PEPS project, Certech will focus on:

  • formulation
  • extrusion
  • compounding
  • material characterization (rheology, scanning electron microscopy…)