The objective

The objective is to give a creative approach in developing the potential of our industrial fabric through additive manufacturing processes for technical polymers and/or filled polymers.

Our main ambition

Our main ambition is to extend the possibilities of additive manufacturing processes limited to prototyping to new industrial applications such as direct and technical manufacturing with optimized mechanical characteristics close to those of serial polymer processing processes. On top of this, the idea is also to increase the supply of materials that can be used in additive manufacturing processes while providing them with innovative functionalities.

How ?

By helping you to develop your industrial potential with your customers through applied research on additive manufacturing processes for technical polymers and/or filled polymers.

To whom this project is aimed ?

To all types of companies, inside of the cross-border area, in all kind of application sectors. The PEPS project is aimed at technicians, engineers and business leaders who are interested in additive manufacturing technologies.

What is the eligible cross-border area ?

On the French side, these departments :

L’Oise, La Somme, Le Nord, Le Pas de Calais, l’Aisne, La Marne et les Ardennes

On the Belgium side, these districts :

Ath, Charleroi, Mons, Mouscron, Soignies, Thuin, Tournai, Dinant, Namur, Philippeville, Arlon, Bastogne, Marche-en-Famenne, Neufchâteau, Virton, Brugge, Kortrijk, Diksmuide, Oostende, Roeselare, Tielt, Veurne, Ieper, Gent et Oudenaarde.

If you need to ...

Keep updated





Keep updated on additive manufacturing (materials, printing processes, formulations, etc.)
Implement in 3D printing not only standard PLA but also technical polymers with or without reinforcements,
Develop or learn a little more about technologies without direct fusion with ceramic or metallic fillers to reinforce your polymer matrices
Create metallic or ceramic parts with 3D technologies called without fusion, for your customers or your internal needs (design office, maintenance, marketing, sales, etc…)
Innovate with new formulations adapted to your 3D printing processes

Then contact us and participate in the PEPS project by filling out the online form
that will allow us to write a roadmap on the themes of the PEPS project that will be available and will be communicated to you in the coming months.

IT Questionnaire for Industrial Needs at the PEPS Project

Your answers to these questions will allow us to best meet your industrial needs for the PEPS project and adapt our future technological developments to meet your expectations. We thank you in advance for your participation. This questionnaire will only take a few minutes.